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The Birth Of Brick Club UK

LEGO has been one of the most successful toys since it was invented in 1932, and LEGO Technic has been the go-to plaything for adults and older children for many decades.

We have been fans of LEGO all our lives, and have enjoyed building LEGO Technic sets as and when we chose to purchase one or when one was bought for us as a gift – but due to the size and value of some of the Technic sets it became more and more challenging to justify buying them and then finding somewhere for the models to sit once they were built.


The idea for Brick Club was born...

We have evolved the service over the last few years with better packaging, better processes and better kits, and are proud to have been the first LEGO Technic Subscription service to launch here in the UK.

Simply choose your subscription, tell us which kits you have or dont want and our system will allocate you a random LEGO Technic kit either 6 or 12 times a year depending on which subscription package you choose.

Build it, enjoy it, then deconstruct it and post it us back using the free returns label, and then wait for your next kit to arrive. We love seeing build pics on social media too, so dont forget to upload then tag us!

The People Behind Brick Club UK

At the helm of the distribution and customer service is Garreth. Garreth has run successful businesses for over twenty years, mainly focusing on Motorsport Equipment and the supply of seats and racewear to UK motorsport enthusiasts.

The digital side of the business is managed by Olly. Olly has been involved with Web Design, Development and Marketing for over 18 years and runs a successful digital agency.

Garreth and Olly have been friends for over two decades and were brought together through their love of cars. They and have worked on a number of projects together over the years but Brick Club UK is by far the most fun and enjoyable venture they have ever launched.

Thank you for your interest into Brick Club UK – we hope you enjoy the service and please contact us if you have any issues or feedback – it helps us to evolve the service and improve things for subscribers new and old.

Garreth & Olly

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