The Original LEGO Technic Subscription Service for AFOLs
100's Of Premium LEGO Technic Kits Available To Rent

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What's included?

We post our LEGO Technic kits and instructions in our own Brick club boxes.

  • 6 or 12 Technic Kits Per Year!
  • Instructions for Building!
  • Deconstruction Tool!
  • Free Return Label!
  • A Returns Sheet (in case you lose bits!)
  • A Feedback Form!

Which Kits are Available?

42035: LEGO Mining Truck

From: £15.00/ Month

4×4 X-treme off-roader 42099

From: £15.00/ Month

Bugatti Chiron 42083

From: £15.00/ Month

Dom’s Dodge Charger 42111

From: £15.00/ Month

Ford® F-150 Raptor 42126

From: £15.00/ Month

Heavy Duty Forklift 42079

From: £15.00/ Month

Heavy-duty Tow Truck 42128

From: £15.00/ Month

Lamborghini Sian 42115

From: £15.00/ Month

Land Rover Defender 42110

From: £15.00/ Month

LEGO Crane Truck 42108

From: £15.00/ Month

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056

From: £15.00/ Month

Porsche 911 RSR 42096

From: £15.00/ Month

Rough Terrain Crane 42082

From: £15.00/ Month

Spider Crane 42097

From: £15.00/ Month

Tracked Loader 42094

From: £15.00/ Month

Transformation Vehicle 42140

From: £15.00/ Month

Order Today to Start Your TECHNIC Adventure!

How it Works

Choose your subscription
Choose how many Technic kits you want to build
Check your mailbox
We ship with Yodel 48 hour service.
Build & Enjoy!
Build, enjoy, celebrate on Instagram!


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Where do you keep the LEGO models when built?
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UK Company
We are based and operate from the wonderful United Kingdom
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Its LEGO - What not to love?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I subscribe?

Let's be honest. We all love to build Lego Technic sports cars and vehicles. But at £150-£250 per kit, it's simply not affordable to get to enjoy building a range of cars without breaking the bank. Our subscription allows you to have all the fun you want at a fraction of the price.

What if I lose pieces?

We hope all kits are returned complete, but occasionally accidents happen. Don't panic, just specify the piece you have misplaced (or think you've misplaced) on the return form and we'll check and replace it for the next user.

Are the kits cleaned between use?

Absolutely. We have a tried and tested cleaning and sanitization process that each kit is subjected to every time its returned.

Will I own the kits?

Afraid not, but if you build one and find it particularly enjoyable or you like one so much you need it in your life –  you will have the chance to buy or WIN our retired models when we take them out of service.

What is the minimum value Technic kit?

We ensure that all Technic kits sent have a minimum RRP of £100.00. This makes your membership always, and forever, amazing value!

Do you send the kits in the original packaging?

Absolutely not! We save the original boxes so when we return and raffle off or sell our old kits, we can put them in their original pristine boxes! 🙂

All our kits are sent out in our own packaging, of which we are constantly trying to improve.

How long have I got to build the kits?

Take as long as you need, we just wait for you to send back before we post the next kit.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Ooo it's a long and tedious process. Haha only joking. Just go into your account, and press “Cancel" next to your chosen subscription. Done. Oh, and send us the kit back you have – of course 🙂

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

Yep – go into your membership account and it should be clear from there.

What if I do not want a certain kit?

No problem at all. If there's a Technic kit you already own, or you've already built, and you don't want to receive it from us. Tell us on your account and we'll ensure you never receive that kit. Let's keep it exciting!

Are all kits official Lego Technic?

We're pleased to say we only use official Lego Technic kits to ensure the quality of our service.

Why should I trust Brick Club?

We're a small UK business started, run, and operated by a team of friends that love Lego Technics!

Order Today to Start Your TECHNIC Adventure!

What people are saying

Oh this is AWESOME!!

My partner LOVES lego but we havent got the room to store it, and once he's built the models we cant put them anywhere. Honestly I think i'm gonna get brownie points for LIFE for finding this service!!!

Jane Jones


Im really hard to buy for, my mum got me a gift card for this. Oh my days, so much fun!!!

Duncan Hannah
How did this all start?
Like most humans, we've been LEGO fans all our lives - but as you "grow up" you forget about things like this until you get the occasional present from someone in the form of a lego set. We had this experience last XMAS and halfway through our first build we were hooked.....

But where could we store the completed models? Once the kit had been made, what do we do with it now? How could we afford to keep buying them? We asked around and many other people felt the same - so after a coffee and many Post-It notes, the idea for BrickClub.UK was born. Want to know more? Get in touch and lets chat 🙂

Order Today to Start Your TECHNIC Adventure!

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